A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Once upon a time, an explorer met a monster girl named Tigris. Tigris was hungry and asked the explorer to go fetch some crystal slimes for her to eat. The problem is, the ruin where the slims live is very confusing...

If you can find all three slimes she'll be very happy indeed.


  • Concept / Character Sprites / Title Image / SFX by Chamotea
  • Title / Code / Level Design by 23

Asset Credits:

  • Font is JSL Ancient by Jeff Lee
  • BGM is Myth of Parzival by Lobo Loco
  • SFX generated with bsfxr
  • Sprites besides main character from Fantasy Caves tileset by aamatniekss
  • Made with Love2D <3

Install instructions

For Windows or OSX just download the zip and you should be good to go. On other platforms you will need Love2D to run the game.

Controls: WASD to move/jump, Z to jump, X to attack slimes. If you are on a non-US keyboard, keys in the WASD positions should work, let us know if they don't.


tigris-euphelia.love 1 MB
tigris-euphelia.win.zip 4 MB
tigris-euphelia.osx.zip 5 MB


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I don't understand this game at all. The sprites are nice, it controls fine, but... there's nothing to do, as far as I can see. Maybe I'm stupid, but every route I've tried is just a dead end, and there only seems to be one way to go since it seems to be impossible to make a lot of what I assume to be supposedly-doable jumps, since the character just doesn't go far or high enough. I end up in the same area inevitably no matter where I go, with no way back up. No "crystal slimes" to be found. I want to like this, but... am I playing it wrong or is this not finished?

It is a very short game, but if you don't see a "Thanks for Playing" message you haven't seen everything. 

The stage layout is designed to trick you, so try jumping in directions you hadn't considered.

You should also be able to get back to the start from any point in the game - if you're stuck, could you send me a screenshot? If it's a bug I can try to fix it.

Thanks for the reply! I opened the game again and yep, hadn't considered it was one of THOSE games. The walls are betrayers. Still, a clearer explanation of that might have been nice. Although I AM DEFINITELY jumping higher this time, along with hearing the jumping sound effect, neither of which I was getting last time. I couldn't have gotten back up from some of the lower screens otherwise, and trust me I tried for ages. I don't know why I'm suddenly jumping twice as high as my first playthrough.

I've included a screenshot for an example: this jump was simply impossible to make before, the player character would only hop up to be head-level with the platform before falling down, and the screen below this one had platforms to lead the way back up that were similarly unreachable. opening it to play today, though, suddenly I'm jumping twice what I was previously with no idea what's changed or why. I know I haven't altered anything. Weird. Just thought you as the developer would know!! Definitely having a lot more fun now it's working.

Thanks for the update - unfortunately I have no idea why your jump height would change after restarting the game :/ Glad it worked out in any case.