A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Survive tiny monster filled worlds! Get monster parts! Learn biorythms!

Use the arrow keys to control the knight. Since it's isometric, the "up" key moves you up-right, with other directions relative to that. Attack by moving into monsters.

You heal one health for each stage you survive. Your main goal is to stay alive, but you also want to collect monster parts. Monsters will drop parts when the square under them is flashing the right color. For easy monsters gray is a warning they'll be ready to drop next turn, but high-level monsters are trickier. There are 16 monster parts in all. You can check what parts you've found by checking your monster journal on the right - flip pages using the "[" and "]" keys.

Made for the 7DRL 2017.

This game was made with love2d.

Install instructions

On Windows or OSX, download the zip file for your platform and run the "Isorogue" executable inside.

On Linux, install Love2d first and use it to run the .love file.


isorogue.love 21 MB
Isorogue-win32.zip 36 MB
Isorogue-macosx.zip 38 MB

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