As an intelligent ball of moss, work your way through the dungeon!

This is complete with a title screen and ending, but it has no sound and is pretty short. It should run in all major desktop web browsers - it probably runs on mobile too but there's no way to send input.

On US keyboards, use Z and X; on other layouts (like AZERTY) you may need to use N and M.

Gameplay is explained in-game too, but in case you're having trouble: the main character is an intelligent moss ball who constantly moves forward. You turn left and right with the two buttons, and your objective is to cover the crystal you don't start by in moss. Besides squares you move over, any time you make a square of moss the inside will also be filled with moss. By catching enemies in moss this way you can deactivate them, making them harmless and pushable.

Pushing deactivated skulls into bugs will destroy the bugs.

This game was made with Pico-8 from Lexaloffle.

There are some movement bugs unfortunately :/ I am looking into a fix but for now I can't quite trigger them reliably.

Hope you enjoy!

Made withPICO-8
Tagsmoss, PICO-8, qix