The balance of the world has been disrupted. All is in danger, and chaos looms. It's then that one brave soul comes forth... that is you! And now, using the power of BINGO, you must save the world.

Because moving backgrounds may cause motion sickness or other problems I have provided a non-blinky version, though if you have a particular sensitivity it may be best to give it a pass.

Made using pico-8 from Lexaloffle.


- Play BINGO by taking turns with the CPU playing cards from your hand
- You both start with 15hp, and lose at 0 or less
- You have a BINGO BOARD (3x3) and a HAND of 3 cards beneath it
- Play a card from your hand to light up the square on your board or the CPU's
- Cards not on either board go in the DEAD PILE
- if the DEAD PILE fills up (5 cards), whoever played the last card takes 5 damage and a new round starts
- if someone gets a BINGO, they do 5 damage per BINGO plus 1 per card in the DEAD PILE

There are four stages. Enjoy!

Made withPICO-8
Tagsbingo, PICO-8